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Ineffable Wanderlust: Uitwaaien

Uitwaaien — a Dutch word meaning “to take a brief break in the countryside to clear one’s head”
Pronunciation: Out-vye-in

I envisaged taking an actual walk in the countryside to give myself a break, but that simply did not happen in March. I am not sure that a brief break even happened in March (at least it did not happen when I had a camera in my hand).

Here are two images from last summer’s break in Maine. A simple garden at the train museum in Boothbay Harbor cleared my mind, and the images remind me how a few minutes can create a visual cue bringing you back to that moment. Enjoy!


This is my contribution is to the Ineffable Wanderlust blog circle, made up of an amazing group of fellow photographers.  I can’t wait to explore each of their uitwaaien.  You can start by clicking here to Vicki Alford’s uitwaaien.  xx

Ineffable Wanderlust: Meraki

Meraki is loosely translated to mean to do something with love, creativity, soul.  We at the ineffable wanderlust blog circle are showing how we leave a bit of ourselves in our work.

From the wine tour at Middelvlei Wines in South Africa (because I have not picked up the camera since getting back), a bit of my creativity left behind in how I captured this experience.

CT winery-9857

Up next to share her ineffable wanderlust is the lovely Ana from Barcelona.  Her post is all about Gaudí and a walk in Parc Güell.

Ana - It’s always special to glimpse into your travels Linda. Beautiful country colours and light.

Anne - I love the mix betwen abstract and impressionist feel that you gave to this shot. Very nice !

Anna - It’s a shame we weren’t together at this winery. It’s not a bit of creativity it’s more than that. It’s your heart I see. X

Ineffable Wanderlust - Meraki - Rebecca Spencer Photography - […] Please do now carry on around our Ineffable Wanderlust Blog Circle to cross the Pond and visit my dear friend Linda Hooper in New York City. Linda’s photos have a calmness and flow that always soothes my mind, I can’t wait to see how she has interpreted our theme this month. You’ll find Linda’s blog post HERE […]

My way and WWB: Stellenbosch, Usana Wine Farm

In honor of St. Valentine’s Day, my Who we become photo friends and I are sharing the love through our work. Here is a recent image I created on a beautiful Saturday  spent exploring Stellenbosch and its wineries with a Wine Flies tour.  Our first stop Usana Wine Farm in Stellenbosch, South Africa.

The creative process of making an image is personal and what I create and fall in love with might not be for you.  One might look at this image and see a mess, a bunch of abstract circles. Others, like me, might see the softness and the beauty of abstract colors and bokeh coming together in perfect melody. Something about this makes me giddy and is kind of like a love song to my eyes and heart!



As part of the Who we become “sharing the love” post, please go see what Kami Chaudhery has been up to in Seattle and what has stirred her heart this month!


And, in case you are curious, though I don’t usually share the reality of my abstract work, here is the garden in which this was created…


On the left side , using the vines in the portico trellis.

If you find yourself in Cape Town, check out Wine Flies.  And when in Stellenbosch, visit Usana!



Ineffable Wanderlust: Luminescence

2017 is for me about getting back into photography. To start this rediscovery, I am happy to be part of a new  collaborative blog series entitled Ineffable Wanderlust. The group is made up of some amazing photographers from around the world with whom I will be exploring photographic inspirations through a series of words.

January’s word is luminescence which refers to light resulting from something that has not been heated, caused by chemical reactions, electrical energy, subatomic motions, or stress on a crystal.  Due to my recent insane work schedule, capturing or playing with Luminescence escaped me.  (obviously my subject does not comply with the task at hand, but perhaps my interpretation gives me a pass this time). 

my contribution to the first installment of the ineffable wanderlust.


Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa

Please join me in visiting Ana from Barcelona for her interpretation of Luminescence. Ana’s post takes you to Iceland, one of my daughter’s favorite places in the whole world.

Rebecca Spencer - Amazing image to kick off the series Linda, can’t wait to see what you come up with each month. x

Anna - I could look to this photo all day long. I can’t get enough of it. It’s beautiful. It gives me a sense of peace. It’s amazing. x

Vicki - Linda <3 I have missed looking at your unique and captivating work. This is lovely!

Julie Skelton - Wow, what can I say? This image is a work of art. Such beautiful motion and colours. Looking forward to seeing more!

Anne - Oh Linda, this is amazing. I love it !!!

Ana - Linda, so happy that you will be actively shooting again and if this first post is anything to go by I will be really looking forward to future posts. This shot really appeals to me in a calm and serene way. The light is so dreamy.

o t h e r   s t u f f