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WWB monthly share among friends – 2

Christmas lights, seen my way!






This is part of Who we become, a collaborative blog project with my dear friends.  Up next in the circle is the amazingly talented Julie Mak   – be sure to click through the circle to see what everyone has been up to!

NinaZM - these are fantastic, Linda! i especially love the energy in the first one!

stacey - These are SO amazing and fun and festive. I’m with Sarah, they should be hanging somewhere in giant form. I love them!!!

julie - WOW!!! These are amazing! I agree with Sarah, I can see these as huge wall hangings in a gallery or other public space. I would love them on my wall!

Lisa Rigazio - WOW! So beautiful.

LHooper - Thank you, Sarah! <3

Sarah Davis - Coolest lights ever! Wow! I picture these as humungous works hanging in the lobby of Saatchi & Saatchi! They are just awesome. Really awesome!!!

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Travelings: Iceland part 1 of many

Iceland, April 2014.  This was a defining trip for us. A time when boundaries were pushed, when courage was easily found, when showing your brave took definition.

Iceland for me means good friends, boundless nature.  Hearing the name of Iceland now equates to fond memories of what my child thinks of as her favorite vacation, her favorite island.

These are some of images from our first two days in Iceland.

Barbara Potter - I just saw these Linda. I think I missed them during my recovery. They are great.

WWB monthly share among friends – 1

Monthly sharing with my Who we become friends.

A favorite image from the month. Shared among friends. Linked together through our own stories, our own creativity, our own interpretation of the beauty around us.

I call this one “surrounded”.

Next up is Sarah Roemer Davis. Sarah lives in New York City with her husband and two gorgeous boys. Please take a look at Sarah‘s work and continue around the circle to explore the creative juices of these amazing group of women!!

Julie Kiernan - Adorabe! I love the tones in this too.

Lisa R - Precious.

Kami Chaudhery - This is so sweet! Love the love!

cheryl - I have no words. A spectacular capture of such a tender moment.

travelings: seoul searching


seoul is a beautiful city.  walking through the Secret Garden of the Changdeokgung Palace was a reminder of the beauty of simplicity. clean lines. limited distractions.

Yet, we are often faced with the clutter of life.  Even walking the streets of seoul, one is faced with clutter – lights, people, signage.

As a society, we keep ourselves busy.  We often live our lives without connection to the simplicity. We often walk blindly through the streets, through our days. But, why?

within that business, i’ve been searching for something, for some meaning. not accepting what was in front of me.  not seeing the beauty.

but, i have stopped. i  sit. i search no more.

i simplify what i see in how I choose to create an image.

softness…  beauty…  creaminess…  dreaminess…


o t h e r   s t u f f