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Ineffable Wanderlust: Hiraeth

As part of our monthly exploration of creative photography focusing on a word, my photography friends and I in Ineffable wanderlust are exploring Hiraeth from the Welsh which very loosely translates into a deep longing for home, a homesickness for a home to which you cannot return.

Which “home” does one long for? Is it a literal home, the home of your childhood, the home of your youthful self, the pre-name-your-current-situation you, a group of family members, friends? Is it a spiritual place that defined you? what happens when you have no words for what you are missing, for what you long, because it simply goes beyond words?

How to interpret this concept into a photograph…






These images created on 29 May 2017 on our walk from my parent’s to downtown for the Memorial Day Parade on Main Street are of the church of my childhood. A home that was an integral part of my upbringing, of who I became. A place that formed me. A place whose every corner we knew. The catacombs, the stuffy attic, the belfry, the pipe room, the rosary window. Our family’s pew. The countless hours spent on these grounds. All the little old ladies who knew us since birth. Yet, “this” is a home to which I cannot return. Sure there are other churches, congregations, but what this church meant to me as a child, growing up, the friendships, the encompassing love that existed has not been replicated in another. So, yes, in some way I long for this home, this sense of belonging.

images created with Mr. Fuji (x100s) on the bulb setting on a cold, cloudy Memorial Day. Processed in LR with a retro look to resemble old photographs from the late 70s.

Please take some time and travel around the world of Ineffable wanderlust to see what the other talented ladies have been up to.  You can start first with the very talented Rachel Burwell up in Canada.  I can’t wait to see what how hiraeth has been interpreted by each of these dear friends.  xx

my way: peaceful

today did not feel peaceful. today reminded me why sometimes we have to stop for a minute and reset ourselves. Talk to a friend on the phone.

not do, but be.

be at peace.

be quiet, and listen, accept, and allow.

taken in Emmental, Switzerland, April 2017


taken in Bern, Switzerland, April 2017


taken in Bern, Switzerland, April 2017


feeling more peaceful now at the end of the long day.

Ineffable Wanderlust: Mellifluous

Mellifluous – adj. a sound that is sweet and smooth, pleasing to hear,  or sweetly or smoothly flowing.

My ineffable wanderlust found me in Lebanon, Switzerland, France, and (momentarily) Italy in April.  These mellifluous images were created in Montreuex, the home to the Montreux Jazz Festival.


These creations embody our word of the month, mellifluous. I didn’t even realize that there is an actual word for the feeling I find in the images I create. How I interpret color and light yields a visual picture that is smoothly flowing.  It’s almost like music to one’s eyes.


The combination of color and light along with long exposures and creative movement yield mellifluous images.


Please follow our group’s ineffable wanderlust by visiting Rebecca’s post and clicking through the circle.  I can’t wait to see the mellifluous creations of these fabulous photographers and friends.


Rebecca Spencer - Yes this really is a perfect word to describe your art Linda, so soothing and calm with that stunning use of colour too thrown into the mix. I always adore seeing the photos you create each month. x

Anna - These are taking my breath away! The colors! The textures and the movement! The 3rd is my favourite! Lin these are beautiful.

Ana - Linda, these are stunning. It reminds me of a flowing tulle skirt of a dancer in the breeze.

Julie Skelton - I adore the synesthesia of these images Linda. Utterly beautiful and calming.

Ineffable Wanderlust: Uitwaaien

Uitwaaien — a Dutch word meaning “to take a brief break in the countryside to clear one’s head”
Pronunciation: Out-vye-in

I envisaged taking an actual walk in the countryside to give myself a break, but that simply did not happen in March. I am not sure that a brief break even happened in March (at least it did not happen when I had a camera in my hand).

Here are two images from last summer’s break in Maine. A simple garden at the train museum in Boothbay Harbor cleared my mind, and the images remind me how a few minutes can create a visual cue bringing you back to that moment. Enjoy!


This is my contribution is to the Ineffable Wanderlust blog circle, made up of an amazing group of fellow photographers.  I can’t wait to explore each of their uitwaaien.  You can start by clicking here to Vicki Alford’s uitwaaien.  xx

Rachel - I always love your colours in your photos and the blurring. So beautiful!

Anna - Beautiful colors. I love the 2nd one. Uitwaaien is indeed living in the moment to clear your head! Lovely Lin. ❤😘

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