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Ineffable Wanderlust: Komorebi

Komorebi — sunlight filtering through trees — every photographer’s dream.

That is unless you are in Gabon where there are overcast days and random bits of sunlight.

In early July, I went on a work trip to Libreville, Gabon. At our odd hotel, if one positioned themselves well you could transform the sunset into a misleading view of paradise…


Taken with iPhone 6s (and various other sunsets are IGed already under moin_dc)

On our free day, my colleagues and I took a short 35 minute boat ride out the mouth of the the river to the coast of equatorial Africa to Baie des Tortues. Here we were in a ecolodge for the day with yet again gray skies. Mr. Fuji and I tried really hard to come up with some Komorebi, but the African sun was not working with us.

Look at this tree’s leaves – the spiral is simply inviting to the eye.  Reminds me of H’s hair.

Here is what I came up with throughout the day on an African beach…





In this one you can see the tiny bit of sun that was trying to shine through…  there is even a little sunburst-ishness in there.


At the end of the day waiting for the boat to take us back to town, I played with slowshutter app on the iPhone and the cool leaves hanging over my head.  Another iPhone/IG’ed image which again has nothing to do with Komorebi, but more to do with Mellifluous or Meraki


To see more successful and gorgeous attempts at Komorebi, please follow my lovely friends through the leaves starting with Julie Anne

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