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Ineffable Wanderlust: Mellifluous

Mellifluous – adj. a sound that is sweet and smooth, pleasing to hear,  or sweetly or smoothly flowing.

My ineffable wanderlust found me in Lebanon, Switzerland, France, and (momentarily) Italy in April.  These mellifluous images were created in Montreuex, the home to the Montreux Jazz Festival.


These creations embody our word of the month, mellifluous. I didn’t even realize that there is an actual word for the feeling I find in the images I create. How I interpret color and light yields a visual picture that is smoothly flowing.  It’s almost like music to one’s eyes.


The combination of color and light along with long exposures and creative movement yield mellifluous images.


Please follow our group’s ineffable wanderlust by visiting Rebecca’s post and clicking through the circle.  I can’t wait to see the mellifluous creations of these fabulous photographers and friends.


Rebecca Spencer - Yes this really is a perfect word to describe your art Linda, so soothing and calm with that stunning use of colour too thrown into the mix. I always adore seeing the photos you create each month. x

Anna - These are taking my breath away! The colors! The textures and the movement! The 3rd is my favourite! Lin these are beautiful.

Ana - Linda, these are stunning. It reminds me of a flowing tulle skirt of a dancer in the breeze.

Julie Skelton - I adore the synesthesia of these images Linda. Utterly beautiful and calming.

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