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Ineffable Wanderlust: Meraki

Meraki is loosely translated to mean to do something with love, creativity, soul.  We at the ineffable wanderlust blog circle are showing how we leave a bit of ourselves in our work.

From the wine tour at Middelvlei Wines in South Africa (because I have not picked up the camera since getting back), a bit of my creativity left behind in how I captured this experience.

CT winery-9857

Up next to share her ineffable wanderlust is the lovely Ana from Barcelona.  Her post is all about Gaudí and a walk in Parc Güell.

Ana - It’s always special to glimpse into your travels Linda. Beautiful country colours and light.

Anne - I love the mix betwen abstract and impressionist feel that you gave to this shot. Very nice !

Anna - It’s a shame we weren’t together at this winery. It’s not a bit of creativity it’s more than that. It’s your heart I see. X

Ineffable Wanderlust - Meraki - Rebecca Spencer Photography - […] Please do now carry on around our Ineffable Wanderlust Blog Circle to cross the Pond and visit my dear friend Linda Hooper in New York City. Linda’s photos have a calmness and flow that always soothes my mind, I can’t wait to see how she has interpreted our theme this month. You’ll find Linda’s blog post HERE […]

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