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Monthly Archives: September 2014

P52.2: Endings

The end of the second year of Project 52 is upon us.  Endings are good things. They allow new things to grow, toView full post »

My way: Walking on the high line

The high line —  urban renewal of long forgotten train tracks. Now an urban park in a tight crowded city. Here isView full post »

P52.2: Photographer’s choice

Creative play makes photography fun for me.  This week on Who we become it is Photographer’s Choice.  Here areView full post »

My way and P52.2: out of focus | sun

Another amazing sunset on Sunday evening.  Who we become is about out of focus and blur. Check out some amazing work!View full post »

glorious wonders: sunset at the harvest moon

Some see what is in front of them … Others see what is in front of them but not as clearly …. I see thingsView full post »

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