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P52.2: A study on composition | layer within the framce

Finally it’s layers on Who we become!!!

This photograph is one of my favorites from Florence. It is all about the umbrella, the hats, the policeman. The layers of the crowded streets (or in this case Ponte Vecchio) were a bit too much after days at a rural farm in Tuscany.   Being among the people, the tourist, the beings while at peace.

Another image that fits the layers theme.  I peaked in this Goldsmith shop on the bridge and saw this beautiful photograph — BUT it is not a photo, it is the view!  Amazing!!  So, here the layers are the gold displays, the interior of the shop and the picture window of the river, bridge, old building and the hill.  Simply amazing!


And just because I can and I always do!  One of the very old stained glass roofs on the bridge — my way!


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