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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Happiness: through my eyes | July 2014

happy happy happy! Happiness through my eyes July will always be a happy month for me. Yoga, meditation, finding theView full post »

P52.2: A study on composition | layer within the framce

Finally it’s layers on Who we become!!! This photograph is one of my favorites from Florence. It is all about theView full post »

my way: leaves

…wispy… blowing in the breeze… in constant motion… yet moments… split seconds of still&#View full post »

Balance: lavender

Sometimes you find your balance, your mind ground in a scent, in a color, in your own special way… LavenderView full post »

P52.2: A study on composition | subject separation

Separating your subject from the background, from the scene was the goal of this week’s exercise. This image wasView full post »

Travelings: Marina di Alberese

Marina di Alberese … blue sky, blue water, blue… the sand, the driftwood, the beauty of it….View full post »

Balance: lotus

lilies, lotus, tadpoles, sunshine, reflections The beauty of a small pond in Florence. A reflection of the peace andView full post »

Balance: Italian chickens and geese

Balance in Italian chickens and geese means to me nature, beauty, a slower pace of life, natural awakenings… quietView full post »

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