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Photo 52-2: a study on composition | Color Theory : Complementary Color Scheme wk.32

photographs using complementary color schemes can be bold. For more on Complementary colors and the amazingly gorgeous gallery of my dear friends, please be sure to click on over to Who We Become (link at the end).

on Saturday, we got stuck out in the rain – not just any rain but sudden downpours lasting for 45 seconds followed by the mother of downfalls.  You could see the sun over on the West-side, but where we were it was wet – taking shelter under an awning at Gramercy Park. So thick  was the rain that you could not see through it.  Rain streaming down the awning.  Without umbrellas or rain boots and a present in a paper bag, we had to pause, to rest, to observe, to do the only thing one could do at that moment. Look at the amazing rain light and the beauty of the green Spring trees and the red stop lights and tail lights.   To see the wonder of the moment.

if we were not dodging the rain drops and pausing to stay dry, we would never have caught the below complementary image.  The red umbrella of two spring lovers in Gramercy Park.

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Happy Mother’s Day <3 <3

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