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Monthly Archives: April 2013

My way: A gorgeous day

If your weather was anything like the weather we had today in Manhattan, you’ll understand why baths wereView full post »

Photo 52: A Play on Light | Exploring Night Light

This week we are exploring night light which sounds so easy, especially living in the city that never sleeps.  But theView full post »

My way: Central Park

Today we ran errands.  Our errands took us up to Julliard’s Music Store, which lead us over to Central Park.View full post »

Film: exploration of Portra 160

Another roll of film. This month we tried Portra 160. These were all shot on 24 April 2013 during lunch hour in a parkView full post »

Photo 52: A Play on Light | Exploring Evening Light

Golden hour, golden light, golden hair.  Thanks to my beautiful niece, M, for being my muse. This is the 33rd week ofView full post »

Entre autres choses: out and about at lunch

Today the weather did not cooperate. Today I took photographs during lunch hour.  Today despite the gray skies and theView full post »

Photo 52: A Play on Light | Exploring Day Light

This week’s time of day was daytime light.  Luckily this weekend ended up bright and sunny.  Here is my favoriteView full post »

Entre autres choses: a moment of beauty

It’s been a long while since I have posted a photograph for the sake of posting a photograph.  Life has been aView full post »

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