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Photo 52: A Play on Light | Playing with Shadows 2

This is the second week of a collaborative photo project concentrating on light and learning to master its many dynamic forms (see week 1 for more details). We continue to work with shadows – the  subtle details one often missing if the look too quickly.

The image was taken in a small French town bordering Switzerland. My friend and I were on our way for a hike. As we drove into this town, I observed how these beautiful streetlights cast their shadows on the sides of the buildings. I knew I found the perfect image! I asked her if she would not mind turning around because I needed to take a photography. And because she is the most patient of friends (thank you Natalie!), we did just that and voilà !!

My latest take on this week’s theme – shadows:


Next up in our creative blog circle is the fabulous Stacey Vukelj. Please take a moment to check out Stacey’s play on shadows.


Our job is to record, each in his (her) own way, this world of light and shadow

and time that will never come again exactly as it is today.

Edward Abbey, 1927-1989

vane - Amazing Pic….the reflection …light….I love EVERYTHING of this pic.!

Lisa - Beautiful and just timeless! Love the play of shapes here too: the spirals next to the square window. Lovely.

Erica Collins - I’m envious of your location, Linda!!

Kim - Lovely eye Linda!

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